Trading On Ethereum, The Best Platforms

When trading on Ethereum, you need to choose your trading environment taking into account not only the best platforms available on the market, but also your experience and needs. For example, your ideal platform could be dictated by its technical or operational simplicity of use, as well as the economic aspect (minimum deposit, spread, etc..).
Before presenting the best platforms for trading on Ethereum in more detail, we show below a list of those most used among those active in Italy, regulated and registered in the Consob register.

Trading Platform Ethereum Plus500

The Plus500 trading platform enjoys considerable success and popularity not only in Italy but throughout Europe and in the more than 100 countries in which it operates, especially for its ease of use and the wide range of tradable financial instruments. As for crypto-currencies, in addition to Ethereum Plus500 it also offers the possibility to trade on those with greater capitalization, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin.
The platform is designed to be ideal for those who take their first steps in trading, both for those who already have a proven track record. In fact, even the most experienced traders will find the technical indicators applicable with a simple click selectable from a list already filtered to offer only the most effective and most used.
Plus500 offers the possibility to trade with a free no deposit demo account and trade with a real account with a minimum deposit of only 100€.

ETH Trading With eToro

Among the very interesting trading platforms on Ethereum is that of eToro. In fact, it is a social trading platform in its own right. In addition to trading on Etheeum, you can communicate with other users of the platform in the same way as a social network, with the publication of posts, comments, shares, likes and more.
With eToro even novice traders can enjoy some important benefits including following the advice of more experienced traders, communicating with them in the different modes offered, and copying, literally, using the function ‘CopyTrade’. With this function, in fact, you can automatically copy the operations of more experienced traders, which you can easily select from special rankings of performance.
The eToro broker allows you to practice with free demo without deposit and start trading in real mode with a minimum deposit of 250 €.
See the full eToro trading guide.

Trading Ethereum on the MetaTrader Platform

Here we go up in level, as MetaTrader is the world’s most popular professional trading platform. When we say “professional”, we mean it seriously, because it is especially suitable for those who have already gained experience in the field and want to use numerous technical analysis tools at the same time. In addition, rising again, it is also specific for those who want to design their own automatic signals.
The MetaTrader trading platform for Ethereum is therefore very advanced. It should be noted that in Italy only a few brokers offer the possibility to download MetaTrader for free. Among these, there is 24option. By accessing 24 options you can then download MetaTrader for free and try this powerful trading platform Ethereum.

Ethereum 24option And Iq Option Trading Platforms

In addition to offering the possibility to trade with MetaTrader, 24option also has its own more user-friendly platform. Until recently, 24option was only able to trade binary options, whereas today there are only CFDs. This means that the profits from Ethereum trading are proportional to the price changes that occur in the market.
24option has been a well known name in trading for several years. Today it allows you to trade on Ethereum and the most capitalized cryptocurrencies with its unmistakable black background platform, easy to use for beginners but with several technical analysis tools for the more knowledgeable.
IQ Option is a separate case as it offers the possibility to open positions on Bitcoin with the CryptoTrade feature. This will soon be implemented or even replaced by a real exchange, where you can buy Ethereum directly from the market and resell them at the time you prefer.

Which Is The Best Bitcoin Trading Platform?

Based on what is highlighted in this article, we can confirm what we said in the introduction. In order to choose the Ethereum trading platform with which to trade, one must base oneself on one’s own experience and needs.
Among the simplest trading platforms to use are certainly those of eToro and Plus500.

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