Minimum Deposit of the IQ Option Broker

The minimum deposit required by the broker IQ Option is only 10 euros and allows you to trade in real mode, with real money. This figure is updated to July 2019, remember that the broker can decide to change the minimum deposit at any time, but we will try to keep this page updated as frequently as possible. Also, it should be noted that, as far as the demo mode is concerned, the deposit is not required to trade with a free demo account.
The small amount of deposit required was one of the many features that Italian and European users could appreciate about IQ Option, especially considering that it is a first class broker, with a platform suitable for all types of traders and analysis tools of the highest level.
This feature is really very important, because it allows you, with a very small amount of money, to start training the psychological part of your trading. As we explain in our courses on trading, the psychological part plays a very important role, which is often overlooked.
What happens if you train too much with a counter demo? It could happen that you get used to not care about your money, just because you are betraying with fake money. This also involves the risk of not having the right psychological approach when you start to operate with real money.
Given that it is always the trader’s choice to decide whether to start trading with real money or demos, many traders recommend to open a real account right away so as not to run into this error typical of beginners.

How To Deposit The Minimum IQ Option Deposit

IQ Option offers the possibility of depositing money through various useful and versatile methods, including bank transfers, credit and debit cards including PostePay and the much-loved Paypal.
To pay with Paypal on IQ Option you must enter your email address associated with your Paypal account. Once you have done this, you will be safely redirected to the Paypal site with which you can make the payment. The whole process takes a few seconds.
In Italy, a widely used method to make your first deposit on IQ Option, is undoubtedly Postepay, the popular debit card of Poste Italiane that belongs to the VISA circuit. To deposit with Postepay on IQ Option, simply enter the card number (16 digits), the full name associated and then complete with the security code on the back.
The same procedure as for Postepay applies to all other credit cards, including the MasterCard.
Finally, if you do not have any cards or Paypal, you can also deposit by bank transfer in IQ Option. However, this process takes a few days to process.
We will discuss this better in the article on how to deposit into IQ Option.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For Iq Option For?

The IQ Option broker requires a minimum deposit to start trading with real money and minimum liquidity. In fact, although the operations can be executed even with less than 100 euros, it is always good to have a certain amount of liquidity on the account so as not to incur in margin calls.
A margin call is a warning that IQ Option, and any broker, sends when the equity is too low. Equity is the economic situation of the account taking into account all open positions, in profits and losses. Therefore, if transactions have losses and equity is too low, the broker will protect the account (and not lose more than deposited), alerting you via email, SMS or automatic calls, to order to add money to the account or close positions.
In the event that the trader does not consider the margin call and the positions in loss continue to lose, after some warnings, IQ Option will automatically close the position.
A tip is to always consider that open trades can go immediately in the opposite direction to the one proposed and therefore it is good to have a liquidity that allows you to manage positions at a loss. If we want to open a position of € 30, for example, € 100 of available credit will be fine. If you want to open a position of €90, €100 would not be adequate and you could immediately activate a margin call.

Can Iq Option’s Minimum Deposit Be Used?

IQ Option allows you to use the full amount of the minimum deposit. In IQ Option, every single cent deposited can be used to trade by executing your own trades. Therefore, if you make the minimum deposit of €100, you will have exactly €100 in your available account.
The money you deposit on the platform is yours.

Why can’t I deposit €10 on IQ Option?

Those who decide to trade, do not do so for a profit of a few euros. Trading is by no means a game, like hoping for scratchcards.
Low deposits, such as €10 in IQ Option, are basically not possible for three reasons:

  1. They do not allow you to open trading positions in any type of instrument
  2. You would not have enough margin to trade without activating margin calls
  3. To practice, however, there is a demo account with virtual funds.

Can I use IQ Option Without a Minimum Deposit?

You can use IQ Option without a minimum deposit by using the free demo account. The demo account is identical to the real account, with the only difference that it works with virtual money instead of real money.
By using the demo account, what you do will have no impact on the cash flow of the real market as there will be no real transaction in the currency market.
However, if you want to use the real account, you must do so with real money. If you don’t have it yet, the minimum deposit you can make is exactly 100 Euros.
However, at any time, you can switch from your real account to your demo account and vice versa.
Remember that the demo account and the real account are 2 separate accounts, so the transactions made in the two accounts are not linked in any way. An operation performed in the demo account will remain in the demo account, the same way that an operation performed in the real account will remain in the real account. Try a demo account with IQ Option now.

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