IOTA Trading With Binary Options

Iota binary options are definitely an interesting tool for those who want to trade and aims to earn money with the price changes of the crypto currency. After all, what you have to do to try to make a profit is to predict the direction that the price will take from a given time onwards: if the forecast made, regardless of whether it is up or down, will prove to be accurate, then the gain will be there and can even go up to 85/90% (depending on the broker you rely on).
As for the choice of the broker, the Internet is full of valid realities, but there is no doubt that one of the most popular platforms is IQ Option, which allows you to trade on crypto currencies and use binary options with minimal operations from a single euro!

How To Buy Binary Options At Iota

To buy binary options on Iota you first need to sign up for a broker that deals with binary trading, because it is not certain that all brokers that circulate on the web give this possibility: some in fact allow you to trade with forex so to speak “classic”, so be careful what each broker really allows you to do.
After that you have to know by force of things how the binary operations are carried out on Iota, so it is important to keep in mind these few simple steps: first you choose Iota among the financial instruments made available by the platform, then you select an expiration that can go from a few seconds up to hours or days away, and you determine the amount you want to invest. As a last step you only have to decide whether to buy the option upwards or downwards depending on whether you believe in an appreciation or a devaluation of the Iota, and wait for the trend.
From this diagram it emerges clearly and roundly that buying binary options on Iota is extremely simple. The element of greater difficulty, if anything, is given by the fact that you must be able to predict the correct trend, but this is clear that you will be able to establish it with greater precision only in the face of careful analysis (technical and fundamental).
Iota On Iq Option, How It Works
First of all, if you are going to operate on Iota with IQ OPtion you have to look for the crypto currency in the list of available ones and, of course, select it. At that point you will be introduced to a graph updated in real time that shows the price trend and that can be customized in a totally free way, depending on how you are used to doing your technical analysis work. The area purely operational is still the one on the right column, which is the one that you can use to determine the amount to be invested, the expiry to be held as a point of reference and the choice between buying or selling.
Very interesting is in this regard the automatic closing function of IQ Option, which allows you to set the percentage shares of profit or loss so that the operation proceeds automatically: this means that if you set, for example, values to 35% profit and 95% loss, then the operation will close when it will produce precisely either 35% profit or 95% loss. This is a very convenient tool because once you set the settings, it will also allow you to leave the station and let the operation finish by itself.

Changing The Position And Real Time Information

If the function just described allows you to automate the operation of trading, do not believe however that this command is “armoured”, because in reality you can always intervene to modify the parameters. Once opened the position, in fact, it is always possible to modify the percentage of automatic closing varying those values from example that we have just seen.
How do you do it? Simply clicking on the button in the shape of an arrow at the bottom and then clicking on the button that the shape of a wheel (the classic wheel of settings, to understand). Here, from that area you will be free to vary the choices made previously. But there is more, because from that same quadrant you can view real-time information on the transaction, and then know the amount of commission, the time of purchase, the opening price, the current price and the capital put at risk on that specific operation.

Closing the Position

To close a position of purchase Iota on IQ Option you do not have to resort to who knows which area of the portal: just use the dial on which you are already and that we have seen in the previous paragraph to proceed with the closing of the transaction. Alternatively you can click on the button “close all” that will allow you to close all positions at the same time.

Opinions on Trading Lota Through IQ Option

Now let’s take stock of the situation and evaluate the features offered by IQ Option for trading on Iota.
Well, from this point of view you can not help but mention a big advantage that allows you to trade even with just one euro in hand (or a dollar, if you prefer). IQ Option offers the lowest minimum trade of all other brokers, so it clearly winks at those who want to trade with extreme caution before putting at risk more important sums.
Another advantage is the availability of a free demo, which allows you to practice trading on crypto currencies in an extremely realistic way: everything is identical to real trading, except for the capital which in this case is obviously fictitious.
Quality is also the whole area of operation, as the broker offers real-time charts really intuitive and varied, as well as highly customizable. The charts on IQ Option are well constructed and full of charts that can be useful for those who do technical analysis. And what about support? From this point of view IQ Option offers 360-degree support, with a live chat that provides real-time assistance to any kind of issue.
One element against it, however, is the fact that the range of profit lines shown in the chart is quite wide.

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