Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

The choice of the best Bitcoin trading platforms must first of all be based on your investment needs, both in economic and operational terms. For example, the choice may be dictated by the possibility of trading with the smallest possible deposit required by the broker. Or, the choice may depend on the offer of graphical tools for technical analysis on the platform.
Before describing the individual platforms for trading on Bitcoin in a specific way, we provide here a practical list of the most used among those operating in Italy, regulated and registered in the Consob register.

Bitcoin Trading With The Markets Platform is a WebTrader-like platform, suitable for both experienced users and those who have just started or are starting. This bivalence is due to the fact that although it is equipped with advanced technical analysis tools, it still offers the possibility to operate with simple moves even to beginners.
Markets does not have other crypto currencies, so it will be fine if you are interested in trading only on Bitcoin futures. If not, we recommend you to evaluate other platforms. Markets offers access to a free no deposit demo account and the possibility to start trading with a minimum deposit of 100€.

Bitcoin Plus500 Platform

The Plus500 platform is one of the most widely used in both Italy and Europe, due to its great ease of use and the great variety of negotiable financial instruments. As far as cryptocurrencies are concerned, in addition to Bitcoin Plus500 it also offers the possibility of trading on the most capitalised ones.
The characteristics of the platform lend themselves well both to those who begin, both to those who already have experience. The technical indicators are easily applicable to real-time charts with a single click and can be selected from a list that includes only the most useful and effective.
Plus500 offers the possibility to trade with a free no deposit demo account and trade with a real account with a minimum deposit of only 100€.

Trading BTC With eToro

Among the most popular Bitcoin trading platforms is eToro. This has become popular for its social aspect. In fact, it is generally defined as a social trading platform. On eToro you can communicate with other registered users in the same way as a social network. Publish posts, comments, shares, likes and more.
On eToro less experienced users find two potentially relevant features. The first is the ability to follow the advice of more experienced traders, communicating with them in different ways offered. The second is to copy, literally, the work of the most experienced traders. With the “CopyTrade” function, in fact, you can automatically copy the transactions of traders selected from special performance charts.
The eToro broker allows you to practice with free no deposit demo and start trading in real mode with a minimum deposit of 250€.

Trading Bitcoin on the MetaTrader Platform

MetaTrader is the world’s most popular trading platform. It is a professional platform, especially useful for those who already have experience and want to use several technical analysis tools simultaneously, as well as for those who want to design their own automatic signals.
The working environment of MetaTrader is therefore very advanced. In Italy, there are few brokers that offer the possibility to download MetaTrader for free. Among them, there is 24option. By accessing 24 options you can download MetaTrader for free and trade via this powerful platform on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin 24option And IQ Option Trading Platforms

Here are two special cases, since they are two platforms that until recently were only dealing with binary options, while now they have specialized in other instruments including CFDs and similar instruments.
24option has been a well-known name in trading for several years. Today it allows trading on Bitcoin as well as major crypto currencies with its historic black background platform, rather simple to use and with effective technical analysis tools. IQ Option offers the possibility to open positions on Bitcoin with the CryptoTrade feature, which will soon be implemented or replaced by the exchange. On IQ Option it will therefore soon be possible to buy Bitcoin directly from the market and resell it at the time you prefer.
IQ Option allows you to trade in real mode from a minimum deposit of 10€.

Bitcoin Trading Platform, Which Is The Best?

If we want to sum up what we saw in this article, we can confirm with certainty what we said in the introduction. The choice of the Bitcoin trading platform must be based on your needs and experience, as well as on the features that are required of the environment on which you will operate.
Among the simplest platforms to use are certainly those of eToro and Plus500.

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